About Us.

RIF Ltd. was founded in 1992 for international containerization.

  Our company is a full-fledged member of The Association of International Motor Carriers of Russia (ASMAP) and it carries through the international motor traffic with the use of TIR-carnet.

  The main streams of our company are goods traffic by 20- and 40-feet containers, and small-scale cargo traffic Finnland - Russia.

  The adequate experience in the international motor traffic and the knowledge of the Russian market allows us to offer to all concerned to organize and administrate the collaboration in the following directions:
   1. The freight forwarding and carriage by containers from the Finnish and
        Russian ports.
   2. The monitoring of cargo traffic.

  The experience of collaboration with the Finnish companies enables us to organize the monitoring of containers traffic time from shipping to delivery to the receiver. The existence of the technical base not far from the Belt line of St Petersburg allows us to carry through the repairs and parking of vehicular transport (truck tractors, trailers, semi-trailers). The small-sized team of professionals allows to solve the problems in traffic streams logistics.

  In 2000 on the base of our company the enterprise Obukhovsky Motor Repair Plant Ltd. was established. It is licensed and has certificates for the preselling preparation, servicing and warranty repair of heavy transport.